Free Math Online Classes for Children, Youth and Adults

Free Math Online ClassesHow to learn math is no longer a problem for children, youth and adults who have access to a computer because math online classes are available. Many websites offer free math courses in subject areas ranging from addition and subtraction to calculus. Some websites require people to sign up before they can begin a class. Others do not. Some websites require users to sign in through Facebook, Google or their email account every time they use the site, while others do not.

Some of the free websites mix in paid content with the free content. However, users can still find helpful classes on these websites because the free content is very comprehensive. And even those websites that have paid content, usually offer a free trial period. Following are some math websites.

For Young Children offers math courses for young children and high schoolers. It also presents interactive online games that are so much fun that adults will enjoy playing them with children. The free math classes at this website cover subtraction, addition, multiplication, fractions, division, telling time, geometry and algebra.

The website also features Math Foundations, a free 12-week course designed, say its teacher-creators, to give students the groundwork they need to do well in math. The creators of the website say that the course aims to develop a child’s brain so that it will be able to handle the mental processes needed to master mathematics. Users do not have to register to use this website. The above-mentioned content is free. However, some content on the website is free only for a trial period.


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For Older Children, Pre-College Students and Adult Learners A program of the Goodwill Community Foundation And Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, Inc., this website offers tutorials, videos and interactive math problems in fractions, decimals, percents, addition and subtraction and multiplication. This website is ideal for students and people who want the learn about, and get help in, the fundamentals of math. Designed by the GED Testing Service, the developers of the GED test (the high-school-diploma-equivalency exam) and Pearson, a multinational education company, this free math course is a review of basic concepts, and it is designed to help students prepare for the GED. This course assumes that students have already know how to add carrying numbers, subtract borrowing numbers, know how to multiply and can divide with remainders. The lessons cover fractions, charts and graphs, word problems involving algebra and other areas of the GED. The course presents questions like the ones students will find in the test.

Khan Academy offers math help through videos. The free courses are for various skill levels: (1) early math 2) third grade through eighth grade and (3) high school and college. For high school and college students, the instruction covers geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics, calculus and linear algebra. Khan requires parents and teachers to sign up. Users sign in using Facebook, Google or their email address. The videos are of two types: for students and for parents and teachers. Users must register.

Math With takes students through 160 math lessons. Their creator, a private tutor, says the course is designed to help students who are struggling with math and who are preparing to take the GED or the SAT or the ACT, two college admission tests. Users do not have to register. uses videos to teach pre-algebra, algebra and geometry at the high school level. It also provides many examples of math problems similar to the ones students must solve on the SAT or ACT. The website also uses written examples to teach students how to learn math. To use the free online math help at this website does not require registration.


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Advanced Classes offers advanced classes including Fourier analysis, linear partial differential equations, discrete mathematics for computer science and geometry and quantum field theory. These college math classes are developed by professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Students must sign up.

With so many math online classes available, people have choices. The successful completion of some courses can lead to a certificate or college credit. But for those add-ons, there is usually a fee. So, students and adult learners have a lot of exploring to do.

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