Having Fun With New Browsers

Having Fun With New Browsers
If you’re looking for the best browser to use on your computer, and are adventurous, you should look past Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. These browsers may get most of the press, and often look as if they are the only choices available. The truth, though, is that there are dozens of other choices, each one with special features for specific tastes and aims. If you’d like to see what’s out there, look through this list.

5 Browsers for Security-Conscious Web Users

Awesome Features of Spartan, the Web Browser for Windows 10


This browser is aimed at dedicated tech heads. Built on the Chromium engine that runs Google Chrome, Vivaldi is just as fast and stable as that browser. It also shares a few cosmetic similarities with Chrome. However, it comes not with an Omnibox, but a separate address bar and a search bar. It also offers a button to help you block content, a slider-based zoom tool, and a number of other useful functions within easy reach. One of Vivaldi’s best features is called tab stacking: each tab contains its own history in a drop-down menu. Getting to a page that you’ve previously visited is far easier with Vivaldi.


Built on Gecko underpinnings (the same engine that’s found on Microsoft’s new Project Spartan browser), Seamonkey is a great choice for power users who need an Internet suite, and not just a browser. The Seamonkey suite includes email, a newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC client, and even a torrent downloader. It tries to make sure that you never need to go elsewhere for anything that you need to do on the Internet.

Epic Privacy

As is evident by the name, this Chromium-based browser is designed to help you keep your information private. While it shares an overall design aesthetic with the Chrome browser, it stands apart in its commitment to user privacy: it never sends information to advertisers. It also comes with other great features for those who like to keep their privacy. There’s always-on private browsing, built-in proxy, a cookie blocker, and so on. The built-in proxy by itself makes Epic Privacy a winner.


If you have an old, underpowered computer, most modern browsers will overburden it, and you’ll have a browsing experience that is unacceptably mist of the time. If this is the problem you face, the Midori browser makes for a sensible choice.It is an extremely lightweight application that nearly any computer can handle. This browser will even improve the Internet performance of moderately powered computers.


If you ever wanted to simply get on a computer to use a browser, get what you need, and never worry about having your search history seen by others, Bowzar is an excellent option. It is a portable application that isn’t mewnt to be installed for use; Each time you wish to use it, you simply directly run the software.

Finally, if you can’t make up your mind

The Lunascape browser has internals that you can change out on a whim. While it ships with the Trident browser engine (the engine that powers Firefox), it also has the Webkit engine if you’d like (WebKit powers Safari), and Gecko. You can use whatever you fancy each day.

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