How to Install a Printer in the Windows Operating System

Before you can use your new printer with your Windows laptop or desktop computer, you must first install that printer onto your PC. The installation process typically involves the addition of the printer’s driver to your computer. Depending on the printer in question, the process could go very quickly or could be slightly more involved. Both types of installation processes are fairly straightforward and only require that you adhere to just a few basic steps. You’ll be printing hard copies of documents to your heart’s content before you know it.

Step 1

Connect your new printer to your computer. Everything you need to do so will have been included in the box that the printer shipped in. The two main cables that you need to locate are a USB cable and a power cable. Position the printer near your computer in your desired location and plug its power cable into any available wall outlet. Locate the USB port on the back of your printer. Plug one end of the USB cable into the printer USB port. Plug the other end into a similar port on your computer.

Step 2

Turn on your computer. Wait a few moments. The Windows operating system should automatically recognize most new printers and install the relevant software. Watch the lower right corner of your monitor, just above the date and time. If a dialog box pops up that reads “Installing Hardware” and is soon replaced by a box that reads “Hardware Installed Successfully,” your new computer printer is officially installed ad you don’t have to do anything else. If no such dialog box appeared, continue to the next step.

Step 3

Locate the CD-ROM that came with the new computer printer. Open the optical disc drive on your computer and insert the disc. Wait a few seconds for the installation program to automatically load.

Step 4

Click “Install.” Instead of automatically installing the relevant software, Windows will now use the CD-ROM to install the driver necessary to get the printer to work. Allow this installation to complete before you continue.

Step 5

Reboot your computer. You can also remove the CD-ROM from the drive at any time. Leave the printer connected to your computer. When your computer starts up again, your new printer will be ready for use.

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