Android Tips & Tricks – How to Sideload Apps on Android

Sideloading is basically a term that refers to the act of installing an Android app in APK format. These are the types of apps that you can usually get outside of Play Store. While the method of sideloading apps is not really suitable for beginners, it can be quite handy especially if you’re using an Android device that doesn’t have a direct access to Google Play Store.


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Speaking of which, this guide will teach you how to sideload apps. However, it cannot guarantee that you won’t become vulnerable to malicious attacks. So proceed with extra precaution and make sure to scan your APK files for malware and viruses.


Download your preferred APK file from a reliable source. Come to think of it, there are lots of sites out there that offers free APK download but not all of them are reliable. Aside from this, keep in mind that a valid APK file has a filename extension of .apk. Some APK files may be compressed in ZIP or RAR packages so you’ll need to extract them first.
For now, you may download Facebook for Android’s APK file from and use it as an example. Save the file to your “Downloads” folder.


On your Android device, go to Settings > Applications then check the box next to “Unknown Sources”. If your device is running on Android 4.1 and up, go to Settings > Security > Device Administration. Check the option for “Allow installation of non-Market apps”.


Once you’re done, go back to your home screen and open your “Downloads” folder. Find and select your APK file then press “Verify and Install”. Click “Just Once” to confirm your selection.


Wait for a confirmation message to appear on your Android device.Click “Install” to confirm your app installation.


Once again, wait until you see a confirmation message. If the installation is successful, you can press “Done” and launch the app from your app drawer but then again, you can always choose “Open” to immediately launch your newly installed application.

Anyways, the entire process of sideloading apps is not as tricky as it seems. It’s just that if you’re not extra careful, then there’s a possibility for you to install a bunch of malicious apps that could greatly compromise your online safety and personal data.

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