Why a Sitemap Is Important for Website Success

A sitemap is one of the first things that many visitors look for when accessing a website, especially when they are in a hurry to find information. This might not seem necessary when a website is small, but it is essential for success in more ways than one. Every site should include a homepage, at least one contact link, an about us page, terms of site use and a link to frequently asked questions. In addition to these essentials, a business website should also include a service or product overview, client results, a detailed privacy policy and how the business partners with or services clients. Free resources and pressroom releases are beneficial, but they are not essential. Read on to find out why a sitemap is important for website success, and learn more about the importance of taxonomy when developing your site.


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A Sitemap Makes Site Navigation Easier for Visitors

The most obvious reason to implement a sitemap is ease of navigation, especially if it consists of dozens of pages. It enables website visitors to find the exact page they want with the click of the mouse. It eliminates the need for extensive searching, and it helps retain visitors. Those looking for something specific want to find it fast, and many visitors will simply back out of the site if they do not find a pertinent link within sixty seconds or less.

A Well-Constructed Sitemap Looks More Professional

A professional website almost always includes a sitemap. When it does not include an easy-to-find sitemap it looks less than professional, and this could mean the difference between success and failure. However, not just any sitemap will do. It should be well-constructed and begin with main categories that branch out into subcategories, and it must be located in the root directory.

A Sitemap is Essential for Search Engine Optimization

The most important reason why a sitemap is essential goes above and beyond site navigation. If a website is not indexed near the top of search engine listings, it is essentially useless. Unless it is well-advertised or connected to a popular relevant page, it will not be found. This is because a well-constructed xml sitemap enables web crawlers to index the root directory and the subsequent pages. It is particularly helpful if the website is brand new or resistant to web crawlers. However, it must be kept current at all times and linked to every page on the site.

Taxonomy Makes Organization Easier for the Webmaster

Successful webmasters require good organizational skills, and site taxonomy can make organizing and building websites easier than ever. Not only is a sitemap designed for visitors, but it will quickly lead the site builder to the right location. It will speed up the process from start to finish.

A sitemap is an incredible tool for any website. It is important because it speeds up navigation for visitors and site builders alike, and it is a vital component. Choose to eliminate it, and search engine rankings and page views will take a huge hit. Time is money in any business, and the choice to exclude site taxonomy could be absolutely devastating.

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