iPad Tools for Writers: Index Card

There can be no doubt that the iPad is not only immensely popular but it is also a very useful tool. The hundreds of available applications can support project management, time management, game playing, presentation tools, planning and painting – to name only a very few options. There are also some apps that have been especially created to support writers.


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Index Card by DenVog, LLC is just under 10 mb of productivity tool and is currently enjoying 5-star review ratings. It is one of a number of index card planning apps available for the iPad. At £2.99 (approximately $US5.00) it is a writing tool which limits the gimmicks and simply supports idea development.

Presenting initially a list of projects, entry to the next level provides a corkboard with index cards lined across and down. Each card will display a title and a few lines of ‘synopsis’. The reverse side of the card can also be used. A setting will trigger a ‘long text’ space, where the idea can be expanded in more detail. The card background has two other colours, and it can be arranged as vertical columns or simply lines of text.

Material created in Index Card can be exported to text or a PDF, can be previewed and printed, sent by mail, or opened by a number of other applications including iBooks, Ebook reader, iScope, ThinkBook, or Kindle. It will also synchronise with Scrivener 2.00 and fileshares with iTunes.

The cards themselves offer considerable flexibility. They can be numbered (and will show both the original number and the number of any new position it is moved to), use different colours to indicate, for example, character exposition, critical plot points, conflict points or ‘doubtful’ items. A simple drag-and-drop moves a card while everything shuffles into place around it. Cards can also be stacked to separate groups. Three different fonts and font sizes are available. Exporting the cards by mail will allow you to create a word document attachment for use on a PC.

As an outlining tool, Index Card is impressive and supports active planning and development of a book, story, article, or presentation in a simple and intuitive manner.

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