Will this New, Nagging Fitness Tracker Actually Change Your Behavior?

Fitness TrackerDo you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the advanced technology that accompanies many fitness tracking devices? If so, then you may enjoy the new Garmin Vivofit, a gadget that is big on battery life and simplicity. Instead bothering you with bells and whistles that you eventually tune out and turn off, the Vivofit nags softly with a little red light that doesn’t go away until you take action.

Beware the Red Light

Think about a dog that wants to go out for a daily walk. He may annoy you at first, but if you are too busy to accommodate, he will sit quietly and look at you with those eyes. Eventually, you cannot take the guilt any longer, and you are up and moving. The Vivofit is like that faithful dog.

First you will notice a red light indicating that you are behind on your goal. There is no buzzing, beeping, or vibrating. If you are working on an important presentation, no startling event will derail your copy.

However, if you neglect the red light, it will begin adding length with each 15 minute period. The Garmin Vivofit allows you to work on your presentation in peace. Yet, like a patient dog waiting for your response, the Vivofit gives you a look. When you see the red line, you know that you need to take the Vivofit for a walk fairly soon.

Benefit from 24/7 Monitoring

The Vivofit has a battery that is purported to last a year. Since it is always on, it continually tracks your movements — even in your sleep. In fact, you can upload your information to the online Garmin Connect feature with the touch of a button.

At Garmin Connect, an established tool that has been updated for the Vivofit, you can track activities logged with another tracking device, such as a GPS watch. In addition, the Vivofit tracks your daily general activities as well as the quality of your sleep. Here, you can even determine your average heart rate for the previous year as well as your monthly mileage and plenty of other interesting data.

Go Further with Goal Setting

The Vivofit has a cool goal-setting feature. Based on your age, weight, sex, and fitness level, the Vivofit will designate a default number of steps for you take the first day. The next day, depending on how well you did the first day, the device will determine a revised goal that will stretch you just a bit out of your comfort zone.

The Vivofit is not merciless, however. If you miss you goal for a while, the tracking device will reset itself downward. This feature is helpful if you are unable to add additional steps due to an injury, a trip, or a big project at work.

Get a Realistic Look at Calories

Despite the plethora of fad diets that come and go, calories do count in order to stay healthy. The Garmin Vivofit helps you understand not only how many calories you burned during your workout but also how many calories you burn simply by living. This knowledge alone can help you readjust your lifestyle to allow only reasonable calorie intake and burning.

Track Your Activity

Reviewers have noted that although the Vivofit is not equipped with GPS (probably in order to save battery life), it is extremely reliable in terms of tracking. When tested alongside other GPS tracking devices, it was less than 0.05 miles off target.

In addition to mileage accuracy, the Vivofit also detects when you are running or power walking instead of walking in a normal manner. The Vivofit notes the length of your stride as well as your heart rate to register the difference. This accuracy means that the Vivofit records everyday activities differently than training activities.

View Instant Information

There is no need to find a computer or smart phone to retrieve your information. The Garmin Vivofit has a small button that lets you scroll through seven options:

1. View the steps you’ve taken along with your daily goal.
2. Find out how many steps are remaining to meet your goal, a particularly motivating statistic.
3. Learn how much distance you have covered.
4. Use the Vivofit as a clock.
5. Find out your current heart rate.
6. View your heart-rate zone.
7. Check out how many calories you have burned.

Disregard the Weather

If you are training for a triathlon, then then the Vivofit’s waterproof feature is for you. The Garmin Vivofit is waterproof for up to 50 meters. That’s great for swimmers as well as those who get caught in an unexpected downpour.

While not heavy on technology, the Garmin Vivofit is a great fitness tracker for those that enjoy simplicity. If you crave more in-depth statistics, then the online Garmin Connect rounds out the tracker’s features. For a low price, anyone can now keep track of their day-to-day fitness goals.


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