Will Email be Replaced and Become Obsolete?

Will Email Become Obsolete
For the foreseeable future at least, email will continue in its present form because millions of people worldwide accept email as the gold standard of online communication. To think it will someday become obsolete is hard to accept without an effective replacement. However, new developments are on the horizon to replace email primarily for two reasons.

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As email inboxes are still bulging with unwanted emails reminding us daily of its inefficiencies, security within email is also an ongoing concern. In fact, many of the same issues that existed many years ago are still at the forefront today. Viruses, hacking and data theft are becoming commonplace. It’s true email is woefully inefficient and is susceptible to hacking, but only a handful of companies are developing an effective solution. However, one solution that is beginning to catch on is that of using company intranets to communicate, rather than using old and antiquated email programs. Still, with this new direction, efficiency and especially security is still an issue.

The question about email obsolescence was bound to come up sooner or later, but to consider the possibility email will become obsolete is just too hard to fathom for many people, especially businesses. Its usefulness transcends any other current means of communication, and is a vital link between businesses and consumers. Yes, there is social media but email truly is the standard means of electronic communication for millions of people.

During the early days of email the fact anyone could send a letter or a note virtually anywhere in the world and in near real time was way ahead of current technology of the time. The convenience factor alone is still the driving force behind its popularity. Fortunately, many email programs like Outlook have evolved, adding useful features that make emailing second nature to most people.

Marketing with email

From a marketing perspective, email is irreplaceable with regard to its broad reach and ability for users to create breathtaking yet effective email announcements businesses send to their customer base to stay in touch and build relationships. Email marketing has proven to be very effective since its inception all those years ago, and countless companies have come to depend on email and would find it difficult to begin using a replacement unless it is proven to be more valuable as email is today.

Social media for business communication?

Social media is here to stay , but this type of communication has a different reach and in most instances isn’t regarded as appropriate as email. This is subject to change in the future, however, but to convince businesses to switch from email will be difficult at best, not to mention the immense cost of converting to a new and relatively unproven method of communication. In many ways, businesses are conservative in nature and typically prefer to stay with accepted and proven methods, especially when their very existence depends on it. For example, consider the effect of using social media for highly critical business communication. It’s obvious email has its place in business much more than any other method of communication.


Security in email and social media is an issue fervently discussed within IT departments of businesses large and small. Currently, no one company has come forward with a viable solution, except to say the solutions are becoming more varied and definitely more effective. Of course, many ideas and techniques are talked about and tested, and the enormous task of securing social media against hacking and theft is at the top of everyone’s list but seemingly elusive for many at this point. Hardly a day goes by without hearing something on the news about another company suffering the effects of being hacked.
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The Target and Home Depot data breaches are proof of the seriousness of hacking and theft and demonstrate how developing improved security has become a driving force in the development of much stronger protection against these threats. While social media sites are doing a much better job of protecting their users, hackers are becoming very sophisticated making the stakes much higher than anyone previously thought.

Until reasonable and dependable protection against hacking and theft is in place within all of social media, email will continue to be the dominate force in electronic communication. Fortunately, very strong encryption methods are in place

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