4 Reliable Migraine Apps to Use for Free on Your Android Device

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, roughly one in every four households in the United States has a migraine-suffering member. In addition, it has been found that around 18 percent of American females and six percent of males experience migraine. And these numbers are in the United States alone. Headache is a common neurological disease that affects countless other people in many parts of the world. One time-honored technique of preventing chronic headaches is to track the persistent attacks through a religiously filled migraine diary. The diary enables the migraine sufferer to generate detailed and accurate notes, which can then be used to identify headache triggers, enhance consultations between patients and doctors, and track the effectiveness of prescribed medications.


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If you are plagued by persistent headaches, then start keeping a migraine diary on your Android smartphone or tablet. Using a reliable migraine app, you can create detailed notes about each headache bout you experience and its potential trigger, thus helping you to avoid future migraine episodes. Consider these four highly functional apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

Headache Diary Lite

Sporting a color-coded and intuitive user interface, the free Headache Diary Lite app allows you to record the date, time, and duration of each headache, as well as note its type (tension headache, migraine, etc.), severity, possible trigger, location (forehead, right side, etc.), and the medication that has been taken at the time and its effect. Headache Diary Lite also comes with useful reporting features such as historical lists and charts, allowing you to easily assess how you are faring with your headache history and treatment. The languages supported in the app include English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Since the free Lite version restricts you to ten entries only, simply export old data as a worksheet-style csv file and then either email or save the CSV file to your device’s memory card. Then start afresh with your next ten records.

Headache Diary

Unlike Headache Diary Lite, this free Android app has no restrictions. Thus, you can create as many mobile entries about your various headache episodes, medication, and triggers. Headache Diary also enables the generation of reports that are compatible with MS Excel.


This basic migraine app provides you with a tick-box-type tracker of all the possible triggers for each bout of headache that you experience. The MigraineTracker app is a decent option if you only want a historical record of potential headache triggers to bring up during consultations with your health care provider.

Manage My Pain Lite

The Manage My Pain Lite app serves as a versatile and mobile data management solution for people suffering from chronic pain attacks like arthritis, migraine, and fibromyalgia. Through Manage My Pain Lite, you can easily and efficiently track headache bouts and their associated details on customizable entry screens. You can edit and share your records from any Android device you sync with the cloud. The app also enables you to generate reports, charts, graphs, summaries, and calendar views.

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