4 Ways to Proactively Follow Up on Job Leads

Job Leads

A proactive job hunter develops a long list of interview strategies that are designed to impress the interviewer and get the job. In order to increase the chances of getting a good job, there needs to be a set of  good strategies for following up on job leads. In many cases, following up on a good lead can turn the decision in your favor and get you the job you want.

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Follow Instructions

If you see an advertisement on an Internet job board that specifically states to email your resume and make no phone calls, then follow those instructions. You will not get extra consideration by the hiring manager if you break the company’s rules and make an unwanted phone call. You will get more consideration if you follow the company’s instructions.

Use Standard Mail

If you are given a job lead that includes the mailing address for the company contact, then you should mail a cover letter and your resume to the address immediately. A cold call to a job referral is a difficult way to introduce yourself. It is easier on the manager if they have your information prior to you making that initial phone call or personal contact. Wait at least three business days after mailing your information to follow up, and make your initial contact by phone.

Make the Call

Job interview strategies that center around being proactive will always recommend using a phone call over sending an email. As deeply entrenched in the corporate world as email may be, a phone call is still a more effective way of reaching your contact. If you get a voice mail prompt, then leave a message and follow up exactly one week later. If you are fortunate enough to speak to the contact, introduce yourself, refer to the resume you mailed and then ask for a personal interview.

Show Up in Person

Managers are busy people and they often do not have time for impromptu job interviews, but if you happen to catch a manager at a quiet moment, or if the position you are applying for is in high demand, then you may get lucky and score an interview.

Dress for an interview if you decide to show up in person. The manager may or may not have time to see you when you show up. If they do have time, then it is important that you are ready. If they do not have time, then your proactive effort helps to make a good first impression and you can schedule a personal appointment for a later date.

The follow-up on a job lead needs to happen the moment you get the lead in your hands. If you get a referral from an individual for a job lead, then always ask if you can mention the person who referred you when speaking to a potential employer. It can be beneficial to have that common thread between yourself and the hiring manager.
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Be vigilant when following up on job leads, but avoid pestering hiring managers to the point where you damage your reputation and the reputation of the person who referred you.

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