Facebook: Can You Date Women Through It?

facebook dating
What is Facebook? Facebook is the center of our present online social life, which leads us to the question: Can we date through it? The answer is yes. Talking from personal experience, you can date and be successful in the creation of good, serious relationships through Facebook. There are a few things I did that you also need to do in order to find dating success through this social platform, and here they are:

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Have a complete social profile. Fill out as much information as you want, that way women can see your likes in music, films, sports, etc. This will help “light up” the interest at first sight factor, which is very necessary in online dating. The interest at first sight factor is the moment in which a woman decides, by what she sees or reads, if she would ever want the possibility of something serious with the man in question. The more she can see and read about you, the higher the probability she’ll fall for you. All this taking into consideration that you’re her type in the first place.


Post good pictures. Present your physical form as an attractive one. Most of the women who are looking to date online often judge a book by its cover. Meaning that you need to have a good profile picture in order for them to accept, or add you on Facebook.


Don’t be desperate. A big turn off in online dating is desperation. If you inbox someone and they don’t answer you right away, just give them time. However, if a few weeks pass by, then you have nothing to look for there. Move on. Rejection is a big part of life.


Give it time. Don’t ask a woman out the minute right after you start talking to her. Get to know her a little bit first. Earn her trust. You should make them feel as comfortable as possible, online conversation wise, in order to show and prove that a real live date would not be awkward at all.


Don’t go all out through the Internet. Unless you want to expose your identity to an identity thief, don’t give vital information about yourself. Communicate through the social platform, and when the time comes to finally meet whomever you’re talking to in person, give them your phone number. Don’t ever give anyone any financial information or social security numbers. This way you’ll avoid any kind of fraud or fake Facebook profiles.

Facebook composes a big part of our daily life. By following these tips you’ll be able to do what I did and transform your everyday social platform into a woman gold mine. Kiss your entire dating troubles goodbye.

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