5 Free Call Announcing Apps for Your Android Phone

Call Announcing Apps

Your smartphone rings in another room, signaling an incoming call, but your hands are tied at the moment. It may be an important call that you wouldn’t want to miss. How about when you are driving? Wouldn’t it be nice if the caller’s name is announced instead of just the customary ringtone? That way you can tell whether or not the call is important and to park the car so you can answer it. The solution: install a call announcer app on your Android smartphone. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

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Caller Name Announcer (Satsuma Solutions)

This app relies on Android’s text-to-speech engine. If your phone does not come preloaded with this app, download it from the Google Play store. After installing the free Caller Name Announcer app, set your preferences like your desired text-to-speech rate, volume, and language. When a call comes in, the app says the caller’s name over the ringtone. If the caller is not in your contacts list, the caller’s number is then read aloud. When you receive SMS messages, Caller Name Announcer reads out the sender’s name if it’s in your contacts list, as well as the message content.

Caller Name Speaker

This app works just like Caller Name Announcer. The free Caller Name Speaker app enables you to identify a caller or SMS message sender without touching your Android phone. Easy to use, the app also allows you to selectively activate/deactivate some of its features.

Caller Name Talker (Navan Infosolutions)

Another free and effective call-announcing app that sports a simple and clean user interface, Caller Name Talker does not only voice out the caller’s or SMS sender’s name or read out the message body, it can also alert you regarding current battery levels. Set the specific battery level for which you want to be alerted, and the app would notify you. Note that Android’s text-to-speech engine is required in order for the Caller Name Talker app to work properly.

Caller Name Talker (Passionate Androiden)

Like other call announcing apps, this high-performing, easy-to-use call announcing app from software developer Passionate Androiden requires Android’s text-to-speech engine. If your smartphone does not have it, the app will automatically redirect you to the Google Play store so you can download and install text-to-speech data. Caller Name Talker is ad supported and offers many helpful customization options for receiving spoken alerts.

Notification Announcer

This free Android app does more than speak out callers’ names and SMS message content. Notification Announcer also allows you to choose three apps for which to get spoken notifications for. There’s also an option for the app to voice out only when you are using a headset.

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