5 Free Must-Have Caller ID Apps for Your Android Phone

Caller ID Apps

Foil spamming attempts and prank calls by unmasking the name and location associated with a phone number that’s been hounding you. Here are five such apps with reverse phone lookup functionality and caller ID that works internationally. Download any of them for free from the Google Play store and install on your Android phone for instant caller identification.

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5 Free and Awesome Call Recorder Apps for Your Android Device

Mobile Number Locator

This free and lightweight Android app can serve as your caller ID and phone number locator. It can work in offline mode and is equipped with a built-in search engine for which to type the phone number whose name and location you’re trying to find. Mobile Number Locator’s database has extensive coverage across different countries, so you can run it on your Android handset no matter where you are.


The Truecaller app doubles as a caller ID and number-blocking service. That way you can easily get rid of intrusions like calls from known telemarketers, spammers, and unknown numbers. The app enables you to search any phone number regardless of location. Note that the caller ID service needs Wi-Fi or 3G access to work, while the handy SMS blocking functionality does not work with Android 4.4 or KitKat.

True Contact

Like Truecaller, the True Contact app requires Wi-Fi or 3G network connection in order to gain access to True Contact’s servers. Its reverse phone lookup functionality works for both landline and mobile phone numbers. Offering coverage worldwide, this app shows you the caller’s name and location whenever a call comes in. True Contact also updates your contacts list with photos and user data gathered from social networking sites.


Like True Contact, Call App updates your contacts list by including each contact’s social media data gathered from numerous Web-based services. This makes CallApp’s caller ID feature powerful and comprehensive. In CallApp’s database, approximately one billion numbers are available along with their associated personal details. So, it is highly likely that your unknown caller is readily recognizable through the app’s caller ID. The free app also comes with a built-in blocker to filter out unwanted numbers.

Phone Warrior

This excellent all-in-one app has a caller ID, call blocker, and SMS blocker. Phone Warrior maintains an extensive phone number directory for which to cross-reference unknown numbers around the world. However, you need to connect your Android phone to a wireless internet network in order for the app to work properly. The only exception is when you are in India, where Phone Warrior offers offline functionality.

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