Computers and Health – 7 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Eyes HealthyOur eyes are incredible. Of all our senses, most people state that sight is the most important. After all, what is a beautiful sunset if you can’t see it? And how much would we miss gazing into the eyes of our loved ones if we no longer could? It is vital to take good care of our eyes, so that they can take good care of us in the years to come.But you can damage your eyes in front of a computer ,smartphone or tablet screen for too long,it’s more important to protect your eyes in the digital age than before, follow these 7 ways to kee you eyes healthy.


Get Your Eyes Tested
Having regular eye checks is a very good idea but it is something that most of us put off. A lot of eye conditions can creep up ever so slowly, meaning that it can often be too late by the time we notice something is wrong. These conditions include (but are not limited to): Cataracts | Glaucoma | Retinal disorders | Conjunctivitis  , Some brief research will quickly tell you whether you’re entitled to free eye tests on the NHS. If you do discover you suffer from cataracts, there is a type of eye vision correction in the form of cataract lens surgery available that replaces the cloudy natural lens with a new, clear lens.


Keep an Eye on Your Blood Pressure
For many reasons, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause difficulties with the blood vessels in the eyes and this in turn can contribute to a long term loss of sight.


Eat Well!
It’s true, getting your diet right can benefit even your eyesight! We’re not talking about the magical abilities of carrots that help you see in the dark, just healthy, sensible dietary choices. Vegetables that are proven to be good for the eyes are those high in iron such as spinach, kale and green cabbage.


Be Aware of Your Options
If you do notice that you are struggling to focus, see your doctor immediately. If you are losing the ability to focus (as happens often with age) you can enquire about Clarivu otherwise known as a refractive lens exchange (RFE). RFE is an alternative to other forms of corrective eye surgery such as laser eye surgery and cataract lens surgery and offers a permanent solution for those who suffer from astigmatism and cataracts.


Keep an Eye Out for Symptoms
If anything strange should occur with your vision, don’t ignore it. If you start to notice distorted vision, funny lights, blind spots or sudden reduction in vision, it’s crucial that you make an appointment as soon as you possibly can.


Be Aware of Diabetes
Diabetes is one of the largest contributors to eye sight problems and as the illness can develop at any stage, it is wise to be aware of the symptoms and look out for them. If you think you may be displaying some of the symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible.


Use Only the Best Quality Lenses and Glasses
Lenses and glasses are certainly worth investing in. Using cheap alternatives may save you money in the short term, but cost you dearly later on. Your optician will be able to advise you on what is best for your eyes.

Eye vision correction is always an option. Though maybe not always the cheapest approach, it’s an investment you won’t regret making. If you think you may be interested in this but aren’t too keen on the idea of laser corrective eye surgery, we advise looking in to a refractive lens exchange. This is a great alternative to laser eye surgery and a great solution to those suffering from cataracts and astigmatism.


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