All About the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire has always been one of the top names in tablet computers. Designed with the business man or woman in mind, the Kindle Fire has features and tools such as e-mail, document reading, web browsing and apps galore. The New Kindle Fire HD 7″ takes the tablet a step further by adding a stunning HD display to the already useful device.

The best feature of the Kindle Fire HD is the rich display that is perfect for watching videos and taking photos. While the main purpose of this was entertainment, businesses can no show crisp displays or recorded demonstrations of their products and services. More than one million pixels make the high definition LCD display perfect for reading as well, displaying each letter clearly with settings that are easy on the eyes. A new Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core takes advantage of the clear display as you stream movies, play games or surf the web.

Other important features include a longerĀ battery life and faster performance than the regular Fire. By using more innovative technology, the Kindle Fire HD can run smoother than ever before. A dual-core processor allows for swift multitasking, which would normally drain the battery quickly. The longer battery life helps the new processor by allowing people to use the device for up to 10 hours without plugging in to a power source.

The improved features are designed to give Kindle Fire users more useful features and apps. Users will still have access to the same apps in the app store, but the new Quick Switch feature will allow users to find their favorite apps faster. Apps can be moved on the grid to allow for a more customizable feel to the device. The operating system, Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito,” allows for easier content management and gives users quicker access to the cloud, so apps can be stored for later use as well. This allows users to free up space on their 8GB or 16GB device, leaving more room for personalized content such as books, movies, games or music.

The Kindle Fire HD 7″ also increased portability by reducing the overall weight of the device to 12.2 ounces. The light weight design makes it easier to hold for long periods of time. It’s lightness doesn’t mean a lack of quality either. The display is 30 times harder than plastic and resistant to scrapes. The quality parts also make the Fire HD resistant to bumps, so it is the perfect commuter tablet.

As you can see, the Kindle Fire from Amazon has all of the features we like to see in a tablet. Because it can do more than just read ebooks, it is perfect for long commutes or just relaxing with at the end of a long day.

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