How to Embed an Object into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Once you get the hang of the basic functions within Microsoft Excel, you are ready to move on to more complicated tasks and functions. The complexity of functions in this software program varies from novice, to intermediate, to advanced, to expert level.


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Embedding an object in an Excel spreadsheet may sound like a difficult task, but it really isn’t. The main thing is figuring out what type of object you want to embed and where you want it to appear on the page. An embedded object is a file you insert into your spreadsheet that actually becomes part of the spreadsheet. You can make changes to the embedded object within your spreadsheet, but the object will not be updated if the source file it came from changes. You will need to use a linked object for that. (See the article, “How to Create a Linked Object in Microsoft Excel,” for more information.)

Steps to Embed an Object


Select the cell in your worksheet where you want the object to appear.


Click the “Insert” tab on the top tool bar of your worksheet.


Click “Object” in the “Text” group.


Choose “Create New” or “Create from File”. A new embedded file can be created and edited right in your spreadsheet. An embedded object created from a file is pulled from an existing file you may have saved on your computer or another source. (You may embed objects such as PDFs, PowerPoint slides, charts, Word documents, and other types of documents.)


If you choose to embed a newly created file, select the “Create New” tab. Then select your object type in the “Object type” box.


Click “OK”.


If you choose to embed an existing document from a file, click the “Create from File” tab, place the cursor in the “File name” box and click the “Browse” button.


Find and select the file you want to embed into your spreadsheet. Here, if you would like to make this insertion appear as an icon, check the “Display as icon” box.


Click “OK”.

And that’s all there is to embedding a file into your spreadsheet.

Note: Although these steps may be similar in different versions of Excel. This particular tutorial is for the 2010 version.

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