Using the Office Clipboard

Using the Office ClipboardOffice 2010 Professional version allows you to view the text copied to the Clipboard. Besides using the Clipboard to collect and paste text cut or copied from multiple Office Applications, the Clipboard is handy for collecting research information from the web or copying information from other internet sources.


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Say you’re surfing the web and come across an interesting website to refer back to later. Or you find an article citing a link address or locate information relating to your research you’d like to follow up. Maybe you happen up on a recipe that sounds yummy.

Usually, in order to keep track of this information, you’ll print it out then later wind up with several unwanted sheets of paper. Or you’ll write down the recipe only to find later that an ingredient failed to copy or that parts of the instructions are missing. By now, you no longer remember the name of the website. Maybe you save links by opening documents then switch back and forth copying and pasting as you go.

Either of these methods can result in lost or incomplete material and result in wasted time and unnecessary frustration. Why not instead:


Open Word or another Office Application.


Click Clipboard on the Home tab. The Clipboard will open in a separate window.


Minimize the Application.


Open your e-mail or websites as usual. When you come across addresses, links, articles, recipes, etc., you’d like to reference later, block the information, and then press Ctrl C.

The top left corner of the clipboard window will keep count of the items you’ve copied. For instance, your first copy will appear as1 of 24- Clipboard. When you come across another item, block it, and again press Ctrl C. The second copy appears as 2 of 24 – Clipboard. What you’ve copied shows up in the Clipboard window. This allows you to check what you’ve copied for complete information.

Just like that infamous bunny you can keep going and going until you reach 24. All the while, the clipboard counts and holds your copied sources. Beware of trying to slip in a 25th entry. The Clipboard will kick out a previously copied item to make room for number 25.

Once you’re ready to save the copied material, maximize Word then click Paste All to paste the copied material onto a blank sheet. Or open another document and then click an individual item to save specifically in that document. Items collected on the Clipboard stay there as long as all open Office Applications remain open. Remove the copies by clickingClear All on the Clipboard.

The Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard window lets you choose up to five Clipboard options that best suit your needs. If you prefer to keep the Clipboard open while you’re working or surfing, you may choose to show the Clipboard automatically when you open Word or another application. Or you may choose to collect information without showing the clipboard. Move and/or resize the Clipboard at your discretion.

Use this technique a couple of times to become familiar with the Clipboard options best suited to your needs. You’ll never approach internet research again without an active Clipboard.

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