4 Multi-Featured Utility Tools to Use for Free on Your Android Device

Maximize the technological potential of your Android smartphone and tablet. The modern-day mobile device is equipped with sensors and other amazing hardware capabilities that can be harnessed by the right mobile app. Use your mobile device as a compass, a flashlight, a digital magnifying glass, and an accurate measuring tool. To make the most out of your mobile device, consider downloading these four ingenious utility apps from the Google Play store and installing them on your Android device.


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Smart Tools

With the free Smart Tools app on your Android device, you can have at your fingertips seven useful tools: compass, flashlight, protractor, ruler, spirit level (for measuring surface evenness), sound level meter, and vibrometer (for measuring ambient vibration). The app’s protractor feature, in particular, has three modes. The first mode enables you to manually set the angle by tapping the touchscreen display, while the second one is pendulum directed, allowing you to more precisely set the desired angle. The third protractor mode is also directed by a pendulum, but this time allowing you to use the camera to set and modify the angle.

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife sports a set of tools, including a bubble level, calculator, compass, flashlight, magnifying glass, mirror, multiple-unit converter, ruler, stopwatch, and timer. According to the developers of Swiss Army Knife, the free mobile app does not require intrusive permissions that involve requesting for network access, reading your contacts list, and writing on your device’s flash memory.

Tool Box

With a professionally designed and intuitive user interface, Tool Box houses up to 22 utility tools. Their availability, however, depends on the sensors and hardware capabilities of your mobile device. For its relatively lightweight download size, Tool Box is packed with the following useful features: abacus, altimeter, barcode reader, calculator, compass, counter, flashlight, leveler, magnetic field detector, magnifier, metronome, mirror, protractor, roulette, ruler, score board, stopwatch, timer, tracker, tuner, unit converter, and vibrometer.

Smart Box

Smart Box is another winning multi-featured utility app to consider installing on your Android smartphone and tablet. The features of the free Smart Box app include a bubble level, calculator, compass, flashlight, magnifier, mirror, ruler, sound recorder, stop watch, timer, and unit converter.

These four all-in-one digital tools help save memory space on your Android device. By opting for separate flashlight and magnifying glass apps, for instance, you use up more space on your mobile device for the initial installation and for the subsequent downloaded updates.

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