4 Free Android Apps for Taking Photos in Low-Light Conditions

Taking Photos in Low-Light

In poor lighting conditions, even the most advanced cameras in mobile devices yield images that are marred by noise and lack detail especially in the shadows. Don’t let this deter you because you can always extend the limited shooting capability of your Android device’s camera. Simply install an app that helps you to take clear, vividly colored snapshots even when the lighting is inadequate. Here are four camera apps to download for free from the Google Play store and to install on your Android smartphone or tablet, so you can start taking beautifully crisp pictures at night or in low-light conditions.

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illumes Lite

This ad-supported camera app brands itself as a “night camera to illuminate the moment.” It enables you to capture good-quality pictures and record clear videos in the dark using your Android phone or tablet. You can even use the app as a digital flashlight tool. Launch the app and then tap to take snapshots. To zoom, press the volume buttons.

Night Camera (Almalence)

Improve your mobile photography by installing the free and wildly popular Night Camera app from software developer Almalence. It elevates the capabilities of your cameraphone to those found in a low-end point-and-shoot camera. There are eleven modes for shooting pictures, which you can try out to find the one that best suits your photographic style. Through the app, you can produce stunning, noise-free photos even when you take them in the dark. This high-performing app has a night vision viewfinder that enables you to capture sharp details even in poorly lit conditions.

Night Camera (Stereo7 Photos)

Simple and easy to use with its one-touch controls, this free app allows you to take snapshots at night or in badly lit areas and still produce low-noise, detailed photos. The app allows you to take photographs at full resolution, which is dictated by the maximum resolution that your camera can process. Launch the Night Camera app from Stereo7 Photos, hold your device steady to prevent blurring, and then tap the Shoot button. To improve the quality of your pictures when it’s dark, use the app’s long exposure functionality.


Use your Android smartphone or tablet to take pictures at night and still get sharply detailed images. The free, ad-supported NightShooting app has a handy auto-focus, an anti-shake shutter to prevent blurring, and a self-timer. Test out the four shooting modes–normal, composite, bulb, and continuous–and take advantage of the in-app photo-editing features. The NightShooting app also allows you to take HD photographs on your Android phone or tablet.

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