5 Free Apps That Can Protect Your Eyes When Using Your Android Device

Apps Protect Your Eyes

Studies have long demonstrated that nighttime exposure to blue light, whose short wavelength makes it more effective in changing the natural circadian rhythms of humans, can lead to health problems. A Harvard University study, for example, was able to show a possible link to diabetes and light exposure at night.

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Nighttime exposure to light can be difficult to avoid for most people, most especially among those who work night shifts. However, the level of exposure can be minimized by making simple lifestyle changes. Sleeping in total darkness, for instance, promotes wellness. It also helps to do something about mobile device screens, which are notorious for their eye-strain-causing backlight. There are specialized eye-protecting apps designed to filter blue light, which is known to cause retinal damage. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care (HugeTech)

Launch this free app to minimize the glare of blue light from your Android smartphone or tablet. This app offers a variety of soothing screen colors to choose from, as well as a slider for adjusting the brightness level. Even after reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the screen, the Blue Light Filter for Eye Care app still leaves the interface clear and conducive for reading.

Bluelight Filter (Hardy-infinity)

With Bluelight Filter, you can adjust opacity and choose whether or not to apply the filter on the navigation bar. This app is easy to use and can be enabled/disabled in a single tap.

Eye Protector (ABISHKKING)

This free eye-protecting app enables you to selectively filter blue, red, yellow, brown, or black. A slider allows you to adjust your desired filter capacity. Simple yet fully functional, Eye Protector can greatly help in reducing your exposure to the blue light given off by the screen of your Android device.

Bluelight Screen Filter (Softworx)

Bluelight Screen Filter allows you to specify your desired brightness level, opacity, and color to filter out from your screen interface. It also lets you enter the time period for when to activate your color-blocking settings.

Blue Light Screen Filter Plus (Semper Fi)

Offering many different filter colors, customizable color-filtering configurations, and several built-in modes (like “sleep mode” for night viewing, “refresh mode” for relaxing your eyes, etc.), Blue Light Screen Filter Plus can be automatically activated at sunset and deactivated by sunrise. The app also enables you to customize the screen brightness and opacity levels.

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