How to Set A Dynamic PIN for Your Lock Screen on Android

A dynamic PIN is a four-digit PIN or password that constantly changes. It can be used to strengthen the level of security of your device against device thefts and nosey users. In Android, you can set a dynamic PIN to secure your lock screen. If you want to know how to do it, simply follow the steps below.


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Step 1

Download the app called TimePIN on Google Play Store. Install the app on your device.

Step 2

Set a default PIN for your TimePIN app. Your default PIN must be secure enough to protect your app from unauthorized users. The longer it is the better.

Step 3

Go to your TimePIN settings to enable the app.

Step 4

Once enabled, you can opt to use modifiers to make your dynamic lock screen PIN more secure and difficult to guess. Keep in mind that your default dynamic PIN is based upon the current time that is shown on your device clock. Say, for example, if the current time on your device is 6:06 PM, then your dynamic PIN will be 0606.

By using modifiers, you can further change your PIN by applying a fixed set of rules like doubling your PIN, reversing your PIN, etc. You can also opt to enable the DatePIN. If enabled, this option will prompt you to enter a dynamic PIN that is based on the date shown on your device.

Step 5

Test your dynamic lock screen PIN. Lock your device like you usually do by pressing the power button. Once locked, your device lock screen will show up and it will prompt you to enter your dynamic PIN. Simply enter the correct dynamic PIN by referring to the current time that is being shown on your Android device.

Keep in mind that if you use a dynamic PIN for your Android lock screen, then the default PIN that you’ve previously set will be automatically deactivated.

In addition, the system will automatically lock you out if you fail to enter the correct PIN within five consecutive attempts. Once this happens, you will be prompted to wait for 30 seconds. It should also be noted that right after reboot, your device will ask you to enter your default PIN instead of your dynamic PIN. You can use this option just in case you get “locked out” from your Android system.

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