5 Free Must-Have Dictation and Transcription Apps for Your Android Device

A basic, easy-to-use dictation app on your Android smartphone or tablet can help boost your productivity while on the go. Simply record your thoughts, reminders, and notes through your mobile device’s microphone. The app’s voice-recognition capability then transcribes the voice file to text. Here are five awesome dictation apps to consider downloading for free from the Google Play store.


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Listed under the name Voice To Text for Multi-Apps at the Google Play store, the free Voicetotext app runs on Google’s voice recognition system to transcribe what you’ve dictated or recorded to text. You can edit the resulting text through a built-in soft keyboard and then share the text file to Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, as well as email it or upload to your Dropbox account. Voicetotext remains a standout dictation and transcription app because of its support for multiple languages, which include Arabic, Dutch, French, Japanese, and Latin, among many others.

Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad takes the editing capability of the previously discussed Voicetotext app to another level: you can edit the text transcribed from your voice file through voice commands. When you say “next,” the cursor then moves to the next line to be edited. State “delete” to delete one word, “delete three” to delete three words, and so on. Voice commands are currently supported in the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Your transcribed notes can then be shared across social media sites, emailed, and sent via SMS text messaging. Just remember to do the following if you are using a Samsung device: set the default speech recognition system to Google so that the Speech To Text Notepad app will work properly.

ListNote Speech/Text Notepad

This high-performing app enables you to dictate and save what you’ve just dictated as a plain text file, which you can then send via SMS or email, as well as share across various social media sites. The free ListNote Speech/Text Notepad app is also able to password-protect your dictated notes and incorporate plain text content from other apps you are using. To allow for quick searches across your accumulated transcribed items, the app is equipped with indexing, filtering, and color-coding options.

Voice Transcriber

Voice Transcriber, a basic dictation app to help you capture your thoughts anytime and anywhere, transcribes your dictations and then saves them as PDFs or text files. With a few taps on your touchscreen interface, you can easily edit the transcribed dictations before you save them.

VoiceToText Notes Long

VoiceToText Notes Long is another impressive dictation-transcription app for your Android device. Enable Google Voice Search, and the app allows you to dictate and create long passages of text. Deleting, emailing, or sending your transcribed dictation as an SMS text message is as easy as long-pressing the item on your touchscreen for a few seconds.

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